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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What Will You Wear on New Years Eve??

Whew...breathe...time to relax...the holidays (for most of us) are officially over!  Take this time of relaxation to really reflect over this past year...how did you handle 2012?  Is there anything you wish you could change or plan to change?

On New Years, many of us make commitments to accomplish personal goals or kick some habits that we aren't fond of.  This time of year is representative of new beginnings and lifestyle changes...so it is important to really let your inner self shine through on this night of resolutions.

Whether you have a party to attend or you're going to stay home and watch the ball drop, you should make an effort to really deck yourself out with jewels, but make sure your jewelry decision reflects the inner you so that you can start the new year right!

What's your jewelry style?

Sweet and Girly:

Flowers & Butterflies Earrings

Quartz Fashion Leaves Watch

Sophisticated Urban:

Silver Orb Earrings

Multicolor Gold Hoops


Genuine Pink Pearl Bracelet

Bronze Colored Owl Necklace

Remember, these are just a few of the many items J Laur Store has to offer and you can go to J Laur Store's website to find even more fabulous pieces!

More to come soon!

Check back for more news about J Laur Store!

See you in 2013!!

~J Laur Store~

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