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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

No Wonder They Call It Ice..

It's that time of year again; flurries, hot chocolate, and snowball fights!

In keeping with the cool temperatures that accompany the Winter season, it's time to stock up on your cool-colored jewelry!

At this time of year, sporting a frosty looking bracelet or necklace that reflects the chilly climate will make your ensemble shine.

Find your icing in J Laur Store's collection of fashion jewelry:

Blue Glass Bead Charm Bracelet

Silver Colored Orb Earrings

Handmade Blue Green Bracelet

Handmade Lavender Bracelet

Silver & Blue Heart Earrings

Remember, these are just a few of the many items J Laur Store has to offer and you can go to J Laur Store's website to find even more fabulous pieces!
More to come soon!

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