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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bibs Aren't Just for the Dinner Table..

Bibs aren’t only worn during dinner time, bib necklaces are worn anytime! A huge accessory trend in Spring and Summer of 2012, bib necklaces aren’t going anywhere soon this fall.

Known for their over the top embellishments, textured appearance, back tie features, and sparkling elements, the bib necklace is a huge hit with Hollywood leading ladies.

Celebs like Gennifer Goodwin, Heidi Klum, and Molly Sims sport them in casual designs; running errands, out on shopping excursions, and while attending luncheons with friends.

They are also seen in more formal and sparkly styles on the red carpet worn by Amy Adams, Amanda Seyfreid, Beyonce, and Jessica Biel.

Bib necklaces also create a focal point for an outfit, making it virtually the only accessory you need to wear and instantly pulls together the most casual of outfits.

Be sure to select a rounded bib necklace if you have a fuller face and a pointed bib necklace if your face structure is more angular.

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